About us

Romero de Ávila Salcedo is one of the oldest family-owned wineries of Europe. We’ve working in the art of wine in La Mancha, Spain generation after generation.

Our winery specializes in high quality winemaking exclusively.

Premium quality is guaranteed through a completely vertical integration: Growing our grapes and harvesting directly from our vineyard, traditional winemaking, oak barrel aging and bottling.

Hundreds of years of history

Santiago Romero de Ávila

We are a Family.

We are part of a generation that bets on the future with “different” wines, which are combined and balanced with “artisanal techniques” and modern technologies.


As my father taught me that my father learned from my grandfather and I now teach my children.

Dealing with respect and love for the land, the vineyards and grapes. To turn it into the most exquisite way to be faithful to our tradition.

Our greatest pride is that our customers and friends, enjoy good quality wines as they deserve.